A unique, international project of the French artist "I Love Klaipėda”, representing a stylized, giant snow globe will inspire Klaipėda for waiting of winter holidays. This exclusive idea will be implemented thanks to the project patron - Klaipėda Industrialists Association. A Christmas tree given by the people of Klaipėda city will settle besides the most important Christmas accent.
“It has become a tradition that before the biggest holidays of the year Klaipėda invites all of its inhabitants and guests of the city to create both small and big Christmas miracles. We will encourage you to welcome the year of 2017, when Klaipėda will become the cultural capital of Lithuania, with a loud declaration of unchallenged love to the only Lithuanian seaport,” - says the Mayor of Klaipėda city Vytautas Grubliauskas.
A magical snow ball will invite you to Klaipėda for the holidays
Although the major winter holidays are coming only after two months, the organizer of Christmas events “Klaipėda’s celebrations” reveals the secret of wintry waiting and presents the most important highlights.
The celebration for lighting up of a Christmas tree will start the greatest miracles in Klaipėda, during this event the accent of this year's Christmas event – the project of French artist Jacques Rival “I LOVE KLAIPĖDA” - will be presented to the guests. The author of the project is the world-famous artist, the creator of original light installations in public urban spaces Jacques Rival, who has presented his projects in Israel, in the Netherlands, in the Great Britain and France.
In the Theater Square, along with an experienced team, the artist will create a Christmas miracle - a stylized snow globe. The sculpture of Tarava Anikė covered with an imaginary snow globe will appear in the epicenter of the installation that resembles a popular Christmas souvenir. As in the souvenir-type snow globe, a snow blizzard will storm around Tarava Anikė,”- the creation director Dalia Grikštaitė of public institution “Klaipėda’s celebrations” presented the project.
The illuminated snow globe version will certainly become a great attraction for local residents and tourists. All projects of the artist that have been implemented so far have received a lot of media attention and become a real breakthrough in the field of tourism. The diameter of the giant snow globe will be 10 m, and the height will be 6 m.

Support from Klaipėda Industrialists Association for the implementation of the project
The implementation idea of this impressive project will be realized only by gathering a large team of helpers and with help of the project patron Klaipėda Industrialists Association (KIA) that took the majority of financial obligations by goodwill.
 “The implementation of such an impressive project is possible only by gathering all forces of the seaport community. The value of the project is an impressive amount of money, as well as the added value, which is created by the name of the celebrity who is visiting Klaipėda. Therefore we applied to KIA community inviting them to contribute to the development of this year's Christmas miracle - to become the sponsors of an international project “I LOVE KLAIPĖDA”, - says the director of public institution “Klaipėda’s celebrations” Romandas Žiubrys.
Klaipėda Industrialists Association devoted 40 thousand EUR for the implementation of the project, the remaining money needed for the project will come from the city budget provided for the implementation of Christmas events.
“This is a gift of Klaipėda industrialists to Klaipėda - a Lithuanian Capital of Culture in 2017. More than 50 companies belonging to the association agreed to contribute to the creation of the miracle of Christmas. I have no doubt that this unique project will strengthen the pride of our city, will give it new colors and a special Christmas mood. Klaipėda Industrialists Association employs 11 thousand citizens of Klaipėda city who create the city and the country's economic wellfare every day, the companies support a number of cultural, sports and social initiatives in the city. This Christmas project is like a new wish and encouragement to breakthrough Klaipėda. After all, together we can do more”, - says the President of KIA Viktoras Adomaitis.
The international project, by which Klaipėda will send off the year 2016 and will welcome the year 2017, that is bringing a duty and responsibility for the seaport to become the cultural capital of Lithuania, is a great and focused ambition of the city to go one step further and to become the European Capital of Culture in 2022.

Invites to give the city’s main Christmas tree
The artificial Christmas tree, which has been mounted from a metal frame and artificial branches for many years, will be changed by a real one. All citizens of Klaipėda are invited to find the most beautiful Christmas tree that will become the inspiration of Christmas waiting.
“The mood of rushing world and artificial glitter often do not bypass the most beautiful holidays of the year, so this time we sincerely invite you to turn to childhood and the true values when the smell of Christmas tree brought from the forest was the most important highlight of the major holidays. If there is an extremely beautiful Christmas tree growing in your backyard, school field or on the edge of summer cottage, which you want to give to the city, let us know and we will contact you. By the way, the Christmas tree should be such that the Santa Claus would like to leave his gifts under it,” - says D. Grikšaitė.
According to the organizers, the given Christmas tree must meet certain requirements, it has to be dense and beautifully grown, not shorter than 8 meters and suitable to occupy the “duty” for central Christmas tree of Klaipėda. The Christmas tree will be cut and brought to the central city square using the funds of the organizers. The organizers will wait for proposals and pictures till November 17.
In fact, we are not going to refuse the artificial Christmas tree that has decorated the Theater Square in the recent years, it will decorate the Renaissance Square.

Christmas fair will invite you to the bright Theater Square
Beside to the major highlights of Christmas, a festive town with flavor and smell of Christmas fair will settle in the Theater Square.
“This December the Theater Square will become unrecognizable - bright and white, and we will not yet reveal its all accents and Christmas surprises. However, this is why Christmas fair is returning to the Theater Square. A festive town decorated with holiday accents will smell like roasted nuts, pastries, and hot cocoa. I believe that our sincere wish to inspire hustle and bustle of Christmas fairs typical to the great European cities will work well and become a cozy meeting place,” - says Romandas Žiubrys.
The Fair will be open 4-8 pm from Monday to Thursday, 12-10 pm from Friday to Saturday and 12-8 pm on Sundays. Here you will also find a festive carousel.