Klaipeda is only Lithuania’s sea gateway to the world and the capital of the west of Lithuania. 
Klaipeda, the oldest city in Lithuania, will celebrate 765 aniversary in 2017. City is popular with investors and foreign partners because of its attractive and competitive conditions to develop industry and promote small and medium businesses.
Klaipeda will become increasingly important because of its direct links with other European and world-wide ports and because it is a sea transport centre, where regular shipping lines and fast modern motorway routes merge together.
Tourism is becoming increasingly important to Klaipeda and its hinterland and major investments are being made to promote it. The newly opened passenger cruise terminal, close to the City centre, will bring increased traffic to the area in the years to come.
Klaipeda has a population of around 200,000. It has direct motorway links with Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius (310 km) and the second city of Kaunas (220 km). Klaipeda hosted Tall Ships three times: in 2009, 2011 and 2015 with over a million visitors and spectators.

The Tall Ships Races 2017

Organizer of The tall ships races - Sail Training International

Five ports are hosting the annual Tall Ships Races in 2017, taking place across the Baltic Sea. Between them they have experience of eleven Tall Ships Races and Regattas and are eager to welcome the international fleet.

Knut Western, Chairman of Tall Ships Races (Europe) said, “All of our selected host ports have already earned an excellent reputation for delivering our events. Over previous years they have all demonstrated their ability to look after sail training Tall Ships and put the development and education of young people, through the adventure of being at sea, at the heart of their bids.”

Halmstad, Sweden is located in the middle of Scandinavia’s most expansive region. It offers a variety of arts and entertainment, a charming town centre and a strong history of arranging successful events. 

Kotka, Finland is a city by the sea, located on the estuary of the river Kymijoki. It has long experience of arranging large-scale international events. The event will focus on the beautiful island of Kotkansaari in the centre of Kotka, and around the City Port. 

Turku, Finland has a thousand-year history. The ships' route through the archipelago is spectacular before being brought right into the middle of Turku on the banks of the River Aura.

Klaipeda, Lithuania is the centre of business, industry, culture and science of Western Lithuania and won the Council of Europe Prize 2003 for international cooperation. They are looking forward to opening their sea gates to the Tall Ships fleet for the third time and the grand finale to their city would be unforgettable. 

Szczecin, Poland has a deep commitment to sail training. Offering access to the Baltic Sea and Odra River it is ideally positioned as both a port city and a gateway tourist destination. The forests, nature reserves, lakes and shorelines surrounding the city create a unique environment. 

Host ports and races:

Host port in Halmstad (Sweden) Friday 30 June - Monday 3 July 

Race 1 : Halmstad (Sweden) to Kotka (Finland)

Host port in Kotka (Finland) Thursday 13 - Sunday 16 July

Cruise-in-Company: Kotka (Finland) to Turku (Finland)

Host port in Turku (Finland) Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 July

Race 2 :  Turku (Finland) to Klaipeda (Lithuania)

Host port in Klaipeda (Lithuania) Saturday 29 July - Tuesday 1 August

Race 2 : Klaipeda (Lithuania) to Szczecin (Poland)

Host port in Szczecin (Poland) Saturday 5 - Tuesday 8 August