Other Events

Klaipėda, a city rich with history, legends, and the remarkable spirit of its people, hosts a myriad of appealing and lively events every year. Some of them are nautical events which have been around for years, others are new events that are working progress. 


When 2014 was declared the Year of Weathervanes, Klaipėda started the year with the creation of Lithuania‘s biggest ice weathervane. The ice sculpture, which was made by four sculptors, was included in the Lithuanian Book of Records by the record agency “Factum” as the largest ice weathervane ever built in the country. The ice weathervane, which was exhibited in Teatras (Eng. Theatre) Square, was 3.96 m tall, 8.16 m long, and 1.9 m wide. It was built using 49 cubic meters of ice. 

Klaipėda commemorated the 24th anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuania‘s Independence with a youthful spirit and dressed in the colours of independence. Klaipėda‘s citizens, who gathered in the Atgimimas (Eng. Rebirth) Square, gave Lithuania the gift of a dance of love. 
The tradition of the Klaipėda Ship Parade was born in 2010. Citizens and town guests soon grew to love the new European marine city celebration which each year solemnly announces the beginning of the shipping season. The Klaipėda Ship Parade is a significant recreational, cultural, and informational event emphasizing the marine identity of Klaipėda, the whole of Lithuania and Europe.

The Sea Festival, whilst different every year, yet loyal to its original traditions since its inception, has become a crucial part of Klaipėda‘s image. During the eight decades of its existence, the festival has not lost its originality or appeal, it did not become obsolete or boring to neither the community nor the guests who arrive in Klaipėda just for the festival.

The idea of the “Lighthouse Rally” project embodies a wide scale of values: patriotism, preservation and fostering of traditions, and promotion of learning about one’s region. The aim of the event is to foster the traditions of Lithuania’s marine culture heritage.

The light up of the Christmas tree is the most important event of the Christmas period that each year kick-starts the cycle of holiday events in the city. The themed charity fairs, the uproar, and the anticipation for the most beautiful winter holiday each year gives the city a myriad of unforgettable moments.