On 16-18 February, the “Bright-Mood” Klaipėda Festival of Lights is Coming Back
Winter in Klaipėda is bright and colourful. KLAIPĖDA FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, named as the most popular feast in the cold season is back! The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, which will flood the Old Town of Klaipėda with surprising colours and sounds, is inviting everyone on the 16th-18th of February, at 18:00 to 23:00. Throughout the three nights of the Festival, guests of the city will enjoy a number of artistic installations, unique and exciting projects dedicated to the YEAR OF THE CAPITAL OF CULTURE.
Klaipėda Festival of Lights will start with a sudden mobilisation of lights on Turgaus street, whereafter the Old Town of Klaipėda will be flooded with light. Organisers are inviting all guests of the Festival to become participants in this bright event. Everyone, who wishes to join us, are advised to bring phones or illuminated items with them (penlights, lighting toys). Those having smart phones are encouraged to download a special free app “Music Strobe”, which reacts to music and creates a cheerful, lively, and pulsating light installation.
Professional dancers will take on the role of conductors of this vigorous action of mobile lights, which will not only open the Festival of Lights, but also will commemorate the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence.