Klaipėda, known for exceptional summer events, will see the winter off bright and colourful. The Festival of Lights which was started and pained the old town of Klaipėda last year, will come back on the 13th to 16th of February. 
“Our Festival of Lights is a real play of lights and nice thoughts, charismatic and one of the most successful recent ideas.    I wish our Festival lights reach even Vilnius, and marine spirit spread in the alley of small boats, legend of the mermaid, and unique projects would become a strong reason to discover Klaipėda even in winter”, the Mayor of Klaipėda city,  Vytautas Grubliauskas, told. 
Several tens of projects during the Festival
24 unique artistic installations will be presented and will bring joy during four days of the second Festival of Lights, and several temporary projects which will be presented for one or two Festival days.
“A year ago we started the Festival with a great enthusiasm, believing that the city needs it, and willing to prove that Klaipėda is not just a summer capital. We were not wrong. Thousands of Festival guests, excellent reviews of businessmen of Klaipėda old town commit us to continue with the work started, to grow and develop”, Romandas Žiubrys, the Director of the Public Enterprise “Klaipėdos šventės”, told.
Although the majority of objects of the Festival of Lights will be set in the old town, the territory of the Festival will cover an even greater part, from the Sculpture Park to the Terminal of Cruise Ships, and Klaipėda Art Courtyard. 
“Half year up to the Festival, we got first inquiries of artists and creators about the Festival of Lights, and a wish to present their creative works. We are glad that part of the installations and projects which are created for this occasion especially for Klaipėda, reflecting its identity and history, will be presented for the first time, Goda Giedraitytė, the Artistic Manager of the Public Enterprise “Klaipėdos šventės”, says.
The start will be proclaimed by a lighting action
The star for the Festival of Lights will be given by a sudden mobilisation of lights on Liepų street, and after it Klaipėda old town will be flood with light. The Festival organizers invite everybody to participate in a colourful event.
 “We ask to install a special free app to i-phones “Music Strobe” which reacts to music and create a lively and pulsing light installation” The light entertainment shall be guided by an experienced assistant of the city events; therefore, good mood and positive attitude is most important”, Rolandas Žiubrys says.
Opening of the lighting action shall start at 6 PM. Those who do not have i-phones, may have spotlights or other kinds of luminous objects. Soon after a symbolic dance, the whole old town will be coloured brightly, and a concert of the Carillion shall congratulate the city with this opening.
From the Sculpture Park to the Terminal of Cruise Ships
One of the greatest projects of the Festival, “Lights of Light” shall invite to the Sculpture Park. 32 sculptures will be illuminated here, 12 of which will be author's light installations, and 2 original projections.
An exceptional installation of light and sound shall be waiting at the Terminal of Cruise Ships. The light and sound installation “Woodworm” by Linas Kutavičius and a well known DJ Genys who now lives in Berlin, shall invite everyone to discover a unique synthesis of light and sound and to travel in time.
Buildings of Liepų street will be awoken from winter sleep by colourful and plentiful illumination, alley of small boats shall be settled in the Danės square where an unexpected restaurant of love will be working all days.  In the site of a former  St. Jonas' church a unique light church will appear, and the installation “In the Fishing Net” will be waiting nearby on the Mažoji Vandens street.
The legend of the Danė Mermaid shall revive
The Lithuanian Marine Academy shall adore the Festival of Lights with special entertainment.
From 12 February, special cards of the Lithuanian Marine Academy shall be placed in most of the restaurants and coffee-bars of Klaipėda. During the entertainment, named “LOVE MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE”, organizers are encouraging people to write most beautiful thoughts, poems, and to present them for the beloved ones, friends, and the city.
“The love letters will be written until the evening of the 14th February.  Beautiful, special cards will be possible to be presented for the beloved one or put to special designated bottles which will be available in each coffee-bar. Later these bottles full of love poems will be thrown to the Baltic Sea”, G. Kalvaitienė is telling about this nice initiative. 
By the way, on the eve of St. Valentine's Day, all who will be dressed up with the mermaid's or captain's suites, shall be served with coffee free of charge. 
On St.  Valentine's Day, one more present by the Lithuanian Maritime Academy will be waiting for the Festival guests. On 14th of February, at 6 PM, the legend of the Danė Mermaid and the Curonian shall revive on the Biržos bridge.
“Many hearts and lights will be needed to revive this fabulous legend”. On the eve of love, Festival guests shall come in view of another present of the Lithuanian Maritime Academy on the Biržos bridge. The ensemble "Žilvinas", marine choir of young men and impressive fire fakirs will show their performances", G. Kalvaitienė told. Duration of the performance shall be 40 mins., it will not be repeated.
Interactive projects
In the courtyard of Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre, an interactive audiovisual piece “Klaipėda. Facewall._0001/2020” will be presented.
"The idea of the project reminds of the former population of Klaipėda, the little part of which would make up the project pivot. Those who want to be a part of this project, please send your photos which will be shown on the walls of the Museum of Lithuania Minor", the author of the project, Henrikas Žižys told.
Send your pictures with a black background by email facewall.klaipeda@gmail.com.
Festival partner, the District Court of Klaipėda city invites to get acquainted with the court “coulisse”, and to observe everything at close range. Guests will have this unique opportunity on Monday, 15th of February, from 5 PM to 9 PM. By the way, to watch one of the parts of the event which is a pageant of the court sitting, an advance registration is necessary by email zivile.radyte@teismas.lt.
Those who want to visit the luminous objects, to get acquainted with strange objects of the old town, shall be invited to register to the night excursion. The excursion shall take place on 13-14 February, at 7 PM and 9 PM. More detailed information and registration shall be available by e-mail renginiai@jurossvente.lt.
 “It is just a small part of the Festival projects. Many unique and interesting ideas are generated for the Lithuanian State restoration day and St.  Valentine's Day. You may find the detailed information at our internet site www.jurossvente.lt, and subscribers of our information supporters, dailies “Vakarų ekspresas” and “Klaipėda” will get booklets with the Festival map and comprehensive information”, G. Giedraitytė says.
Moments from the first Klaipėda Festival of Lights: