Accreditation of ,,The Tall Ships Races 2017“ (Klaipeda) is provided for a term up 26 of July  to 2 of August.

Accreditations must be delivered by 20 July 2017.

Accreditation is also possible during the event at the media centre.

To receive an accreditation a foreign journalist shall personally e-mail

In order to receive the accreditation a foreign journalist submits:
a filled-in accreditation form;

photographs of the present age of the applicant.
All the documents should be submitted in Lithuanian or English.


Our port will organise a limited number of press boat to take photographers and film crews out to sea during the Tall Ships Parade and for the race start. If you are interested in booking a place on a press boat you will need to register in accreditation form.


MEDIA CENTER (Priešpilio g. 2)
Opening hours:

Wed 26 July 9 am‑6 pm
Thu 27 July 9 am‑6 pm
Fri 28 July 9 am‑6 pm
Sat 29 July 9 am‑6 pm
Sun 30 July 9 am‑6 pm
Mon 1 August 9 am‑6 pm
Tues 2 August 9 am‑4 pm

Further information:

Media specialist , tel. + 370 685 48488, email: ;